Lynne Rowe is an inspirational knitting & crochet designer, tutor, author and technical editor. Like many knitters, she can't imagine a day without picking up her needles or hook and creating something fab and funky.

One of Lynne's main aims is to pass on her knitting & crochet skills to others, so that they feel confident to be creative too. She loves to see her students feeling proud and inspired by their own achievements. Learning new skills also opens up new pathways in your brain and can stimulate the growth of new brain cells, so it’s great that learning to knit and crochet can help you keep an active mind as you grow older. 

Lynne loves to create designs that aid relaxation and de-stressing. These include simple, rhythmic and meditative stitches that can help you maintain your focus and improve your well-being. This will be a focus in the Mindful Knitting Workshop that she is teaching at NYE, she will focus on beneficial exercises that will help you to become a more mindful knitter or crocheter and ultimately help you to use your crafting as a tool to de-stress. 

Lynne designs simple and stylish knitting and crochet projects which are perfect for using up odd balls of yarn and reducing wastage, or great for using up that gorgeous skein of yarn you've been saving for something special. Lynne's previous environmental career is still close to her heart and she likes to reuse and recycle yarns as much as possible.

Lynne has designed for many UK knitting magazines and publications, including Let's Get Crafting, Let's Knit, Inside Crochet and Woman's Weekly, and was proud to be a columnist for Crochet Now Magazine's first year. She has also authored five knitting and crochet titles, including: "Fun Hats"; "Once Upon a Time in Crochet"; 20 to make Crochet Mandalas"; Take Two - Crochet" and "Knit Yourself Calm" . 

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Fairisle Workshop with Lynne Rowe

Sunday 12th November, 9:00am until 12 noon

For knitters who can already knit and purl and want to learn new skills to build up their knitting repertoire.

  • To learn and understand basic fairisle skills and knit a mug cosy. 
  • To develop confidence in knitting with two colours of yarn
  • To understand fairisle knitting terms and abbreviations
  • To build the knowledge to tackle more complex patterns and techniques.

Please note: you will need a valid market place ticket for the day of the workshop.

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Mindful Knitting with Lynne Rowe

Sunday 12th November, 1:00pm until 4:00pm

For knitters who can already knit and purl and want to learn how to practice mindful knitting techniques to help reach a calm and peaceful mind and improve health and well-being.

Lynne will introduce the concept of mindful knitting and lead you through a series of exercises and activities to help create your own mindful knitting toolkit, including: finding your mindful knitting stitch; how to choose your ‘happy’ colours; how to create calming textures and how to choose the right projects for your mood. We will record our findings and create a knitted Christmas Wreath throughout the workshop.

Please note: you will need a valid market place ticket for the day of the workshop.


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