Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician) is obsessed with double-knitting! He has been knitting seriously since 2011, and designing since around the same time. His passion is for sharing his knowledge of DK with as many people as possible, pushing its boundaries, and furthering what is possible within the realms of double-knitting.

His first published design was in Knit Now! Magazine, and in 2015, he was approached by Vogue Knitting Magazine in the USA to design a DK Shawl for their Fall 2015 issue. He has since been published in the first issue of the men’s knitting magazine Rib, and has a pattern coming up in the Autumn edition of The Knitter. He was also named one of Knit Now magazine’s Knitter of the Year awards, in 2017, in the Online Innovation category.

Nathan hosts a very popular knitting podcast on YouTube, and particularly champions male knitters, with a view to getting not only more men into knitting, but also getting more patterns aimed at men out there.

He has been teaching double-knitting classes for the last couple of years, and enjoys nothing so much as seeing that lightbulb moment, when someone’s brain clicks, and he knows that a new DKer has been born.

You can find Nathan as Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!

Demystifying Double-Knitting (Beginners) Workshop with Nathan Taylor

Saturday 11th November, 9:00am until 12 noon

This class requires a certain level of knitting proficiency:


The ability to knit and purl. That’s sort of it!


1) Please be familiar with the Long-Tail Cast On.  If you have never done this before, please practice before attending the class.  There are lots of videos on YouTube that will show you how.

2) You will need to have some experience of working with two yarns at the same time. If you have already done any stranded or fair isle knitting, and are already comfortable manipulating two strands of yarn together, you will be on to a winner!  (If you normally use a yarn guide for holding two yarns in the same hand, it will be useful for you to bring it with you)


Please bring a small amount of DK-weight yarn in two contrasting colours. You will only need about 10g of each colour.  You will also need a pair of 4mm needles (Some people find that their DK gauge is looser than their ordinary knitting gauge, so might want to go down to 3.75mm, but gauge for this class is not really important). These can be straights or circs, or even dpns.


Prior to coming to the class, please brush up on the Long-Tail Cast On, tying a slip-knot with two strands of yarn together, and as a little bonus, knitting two stitches together, with TWO strands of yarn.


Please note: you will need a valid market place ticket for the day of the workshop.


  • Available

Shaping: The Future of Double-Knitting (Intermediate) Workshop with Nathan Taylor

Saturday 11th November, 1:00pm until 4:00pm

Level: Intermediate to advanced. This is a class that will be suitable for proficient knitters with some experience of double-knitting, who are looking to expand their horizons.

Skills needed: You will need to be proficient in standard, two-colour double-knitting, creating a fabric that shows as stocking stitch on both sides. You will need to know how to cast on in two colours, alternating knit and purl stitches, to set up for DK, and you will need to know how to perform the Slip-Stitch Edge technique for creating neat and tidy edges that lock the two faces of your fabric together. Nathan has video tutorials on his YouTube channel for both the cast on and the edges. Search “Sockmatician” on the YouTube website.

Materials to bring: You will need about 20g of each of two colours of yarn, worked into a swatch (this homework will by email upon confirmation of booking). Use two highly contrasting colours, and a nice smooth yarn that is not too grippy. 


Please note: you will need a valid market place ticket for the day of the workshop.


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