Chrissie Day

Chrissie Day is a renowned knitwear designer and author of several knitting books, her inspiration for her designs and yarns comes from the outstanding landscape of the North Pennines where she lives.

Chrissie is an experienced tutor, having taught her fabulous workshops in both the UK and Europe.


We are delighted that Chrissie will be teaching two of her wonderful knitting workshops at Nottingham Yarn Expo this year: 


'Melody of Shawl Shapes’ will take place on Sunday 11th of November at 9am.


 ‘Knit the correct Moebius’ will take place on Sunday 11th of November at 1pm.


You can find details of both these fantastic workshops below. These are sure to be popular so reserve your space quickly.


Melody of Shawls Workshop

This class focuses on the theory of shaping knitted shawls, transforming shawl shaping formulas, and advanced shawl shaping recipes. It is a masterclass, Chrissie will walk you step-by-step through all the calculations and knitting steps for over 35 shawl shapes and variations.You will be introduced to stitches with reversible design for your Shawls plus new Tuck stitches to add 3-dimensional elements. So come along and become a better shawl designer. Once you have mastered construction of shape then there is only colour/stitch design to add-in for unique pieces.

Chrissie will take you through 8 basic shawl shapes and you learn the construction of design techniques before adding stitch pattern and colour. You will look at these in detail and knit them up in miniature for reference in the 3 hour class.


A pattern book will be provided for you to take home to cover further designs.

Required: Please bring wool and needles to suit for the workshop.

This is a 3 hour class that starts at 9am. You will meet at the Goldsmith Street entrance of Nottingham Conference Centre at 8:45am.

Please note you will need also require a ticket for the market place.


  • Available

Knit the Correct Moebius

When you knit a Moebius in one continuous row of stitches, you then have beautiful patterns emerging naturally and symmetrically from the centre out, with very little effort or attention on your part. Choosing to use more than one colour and choosing the correct stitch design which creates a two-faced design just enhances the natural flow and symmetry which emerges. Since you have only one edge to finish, you’ll never have a cast-off side tighter than the cast-on, and you’ll never see your cast-on at all, because it’s swallowed up in the centre of the scarf. But most of all, and this is hard to explain, there is a simple utter joy allowing the true Moebius to emerge and do all the work for you. You’ll have to find this out for yourself, by learning to prepare and cast on your Moebius, learning to calculate the correct number of stitches to the ply you have chosen to use and the length and number of wraps your Moebius cowl / scarf will have. We will cover 3 differing cast on methods in this class and look at many differing stitch designs.



Yarn of your choice in any ply.

Needles of size to suit your yarn choice  but they must be Circular with a length of 47" to 60".

Bring stitch holder or safety pins to keep sample work on.

This is a 3 hour class that starts at 1pm. You will meet at the ticket desk at 12:45pm.

Please note you will need also require a ticket for the market place.


  • Available